Take a look under the hood

easyb is hosted at Google code, which provides an accessible Subversion repository. To checkout easyb's source code, simply type

svn checkout http://easyb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/easyb easyb-read-only

Building easyb requires Groovy 1.6.0 and Gant 1.6.0. Once you've downloaded the project, in the project's root directory, type gant -p. You should see something like this:

   bundle-docs         creates a war file containing static html docs
   clean               cleans target dir
   compile-all         compile Groovy & Java classes
   compile-behaviors   compile Groovy & Java classes in easyb behavior
   compile-core        compile Groovy & Java classes in easyb core
   configuregroovy     configures environment to compile w/Groovy
   dist                create a distribution from the release
   doc                 create documenation from docbook
   getdeps             retrieves dependencies
   init                init dirs
   init-doc            initialize the doc environment
   jar                 create an archive of the project's classfiles
   jar-javadocs        creates a javadocs jar
   jar-sources         creates a sources jar
   maven-bundle        creates an upload bundle for the central maven repository
   maven-install       install into the default local maven repository
   publish-easyb       uploads easyb distribution to googlecode
   release             compile and archive
   run-main            runs easyb BehaviorRunner class
   validate            runs and validates both, behaviors and reports
   validate-behaviors  runs and validates the easyb behaviors
   validate-reports    runs and validates the easyb reports	

To verify everything works, type gant dist, which will basically run everything (including validation). At the end you should see some .tar.gz files created and some text like this:

 [easyb] 90 total behaviors run with no failures
 [easyb] easyb execution passed

Now you are good to go. Now wasn't that easy? If you have any questions or comments, drop us a note on our mailing list.